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Published on May 16th, 2017 | by Gorjus Greg


There is Crazy, Then There is Japanese Crazy!

I’m sure we have all watched one of those Japanese game shows on TV.  We have marvelled at the extent that each player goes through to complete their tasks and surmised that the residents of The Land of The Rising Sun have possible been overexposed to it.  So keeping in tune with their eccentricities, a theme park now offers daters a new experience designed for One to impress his or her date, perhaps on their first date.

Hirakata Park is offering flash mob style events, that’ll pop up to surprise you while visiting the amusement.  One of these is a group of bad guys that approach you and whomever you are with and threaten you and even attempt to assault you even insult your date. To which you respond by fending off your would be attacker and thus defending your dates honour and in turn making you look like a hero in his or her eyes. We all know how long that relationship is going to last. 🙂

Granted taking your date to Japan from here on a first date is a little unrealistic, impractical even. But evidently there is a market for it in Japan.  Welcome to the world of weird.

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